Ashley Mitchell, LPC, BCN, NCC

Offering Individual, Couples Counseling
 Neurofeedback Services 

Take a Deep Breath

Sometimes we just need to be reminded to breathe.  I know I do.

I believe that the therapeutic process starts with a strong and trusting foundation between the therapist and client.  I know many people are nervous before starting therapy, and I completely understand.  However, my goal is to make you feel comfortable while also helping to guide you to a better understanding of yourself, teach you skills, and help you come out of difficult challenges more prepared and at peace.



For parents, it can be hard to remember how we were when we were children.  We may have a hard time remembering what level of development they are in or need to be to understand certain aspects of themselves, discipline, anger and frustration, etc...Read on to learn a little more about my style of therapy with children.
I think many of us remember how awkward our teen years can be.  We are dealing with transitions in our bodies, our hormones, and our intellectual development.  We are starting to think of the future while also being heavily involved in our friend groups and what people think about us...this can be a tough stage to manage...Read on to learn more about therapy and teens.



As adults, we are finally in a position to manage our lives in the real world, and I think many of us realize how hard being an adult, acting independently, managing relationships and starting families can be incredibly difficult to navigate.  This becomes even harder when having to deal with all of these issues and manage depression, anxiety, anger and frustration, etc.  Read on to learn about some of my approaches to therapy...
Relationshps are difficult.  I can't imagine anyone telling you otherwise, and no one has a perfect relationship.  However, I can help you enhance the communication within your relationship, rebuild trust, navigate relationship problems, and teach you skills to build a solid foundation.  Read on to learn a little more about some of those tips and techniques...
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